Position:  Software Developer -  Full-Time

Job duties will include - 

•          Assisting in creating the architecture of the software, writing the software in low-level and c+ coding languages, simulation of the system behavior, and testing the software after development has been completed, for TCP/IP Network Processors.
•          Assessing the feature requirements established by the Product Managers.
•          Analysis of the feature requirements to establish a target set of deliverables.
•          Perform feasibility study to assess the risks and tradeoffs.
•          Write Functional specification, design the overall structure of the product.
•          Establish requirements including tools, licenses, and infrastructure to complete the work.
•          Write code, testing including alpha test phase, beta test phase, and bug fixes.
•          Release build stage to produce final software.
Minimum Requirements:

* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems

* 5 Years Experience 

Please send resumes referencing the above job title to Zyzyx Inc. 870 N. McCarthy Blvd, Suite 200, Milpitas, CA 95035, or email your application to info@zyzyxtech.com